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Introduction about Viking Rollers


Viking Rollers is an established company with over 2 decades of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of Boat Rollers : Blue Rollers, Red Soft Rollers, Rubber Rollers, and a wide range of boat trailer parts.

We are committed to providing our customers with promising products at low costs, through prompt, reliable and efficient services that meet your expectations

We also manufacture and supply manufacturing and wholesaling Commercial and Domestic matting. Please visit our other website:
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Boat Rollers

Wobble Rollers

Alloy Centre Rollers


Red Rollers

Blue Rollers

Black Rollers


Trailer Block/Strip


 Wobble Assemblies

Wobble Conversion Kits


Flat Roller Assemblies

Flat Stem Assemblies

Tandem Bracket Assemblies

Trailer Bracket

Roller Brackets


Wobble Brackets

Multi Roller Brackets


Eye Post

Wood Yoke Stem

 Tube Adjuster

Bolt On / Weld on/ Saddle

Motor Support Brackets


Off Road Jockey Wheel

Off Road 2Ton Mechanical Coupling Off Road 3Ton Electrical Coupling

OFFROAD Jockey Wheel /Coupling
Jockey Wheel
Magnetic Trailer Plug 
Magnetic Plug
Interchangeable 7 pin plug - 5 ft Lightboard 
Interchangable 7pin plugs - 5 ft Lightboard



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